+ Hello! I’m Kristy Fountain. I am a psychological science-based Enneagram coach. I am also a primary photographer at This Wild Way. I’m living life set apart through holistic wellness, primal nutrition, and positive psychology.

+ I graduated Summa Cum Laude as an awarded Distinguished Student with a B.S. in Psychology and Pre-Medical Sciences and performed extensive research in the fields of Social Psychology and medical relationships and communication. I look forward to getting to know my clients and learning more about their personalities, relationships, and unique chemistry. I am passionate about understanding human thought, behavior, and feelings and I understand how vital and sensitive the relationship is between healer and those seeking healing, which is why you can trust me to guide you through the process of self-discovery and the application of real-life principles that empower you to transform areas of your life you’ve longed to improve.

+ The Enneagram is a method of personality assessment that involves 9 personality types. But this is just the beginning. While we are, as humans, psychologically complex and genetically unique, understanding our dominant behaviors, thoughts, and feelings using the framework of personality allows us to embark on a meaningful and worthwhile journey of self-discovery. The personality types are determined not through pseudoscientific methods, but through a tried-and-true, scientific, and comprehensive personality questionnaire.

+ I first discovered the Enneagram over nine years ago, and no other knowledge has transformed my life so immensely. Because of the Enneagram, I have understood myself more deeply, improved my ability to be more mindful, improved my relationships, engaged with my world more empathetically, made more informed decisions, created healthier boundaries, and understood others so much better. I have become stronger and more resilient due to its wisdom.

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