I want to give you more

Years. I spent years feeling uncomfortable and unsettled here at my home online. I was offering what felt like less than 10% of my true self to you. It’s not that I was intentionally hiding aspects of my life, I just wasn’t sure what I was allowed to say or who I was allowed to be. I mean, I run a business; I assumed that it would suffice to let this space showcase my favorite works. But this mode of online existence was utterly unsatisfying and painful. How many of you feel that way?
And how many ways can one say “I really love this client”? “I was so inspired by this session”? Not that these statements are lies, it is just that they do not connect me to you in any really meaningful way. I never meant my creative spaces to be a window-shopping-only marketplace. This apathy is pervasive on Instagram. And I was bored: hence my lack of posting consistently over the years. As if I wasn’t socially disconnected enough already, I was a #premed student for the last four years, and spent on the upwards of fourteen straight hours of studying at a time. Now I have an 8×10 framed piece of paper that gives me permission to psychoanalyze you anytime I’d like, so watch out.
Anyway, I want to give you more. More of me, more of what I’ve always wanted to share with you, and in the ways I have always meant to share. I remember a more connected version of myself and business in 2007. Remember the internet back then? I changed my business and social media names from Wreckless Creative to This Wild Way because it’s a fresh start that includes being free to be myself — uninhibited, vulnerable, exposed, and honest. I know most of you haven’t met with me in person, but this is the IRL version of me. I’m a wide open book. I don’t know how to have a shallow conversation. It emotionally exhausts me to hold back. And I’ve never lived a conventional life. I left my small hometown to travel the world at nineteen. Now I am living a more settled life seventeen years later. I’m discovering ways to maintain my wildness and protect my freedom by means of art, nutrition, holistic healing, and wellness. Photography was one peek into my life, but I’m excited to offer you more.


Kristy runs This Wild Way – Bend, Oregon Senior Portrait Photography – and her favorite thing on the planet is photographing your senior portrait photography. Please contact me for more information about your senior portraits and custom wardrobe, hair, and makeup styling.


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