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Little Baby Boys & Boy Moms and Dads – A Bend, OR Family Portrait Session

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This little face make me giddy to have a boy. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be an instant-mom of 2 kiddos within a year’s time. I never thought I’d be a boy mom for that matter. Did I emphasize “never” enough? #infertility #nohusband #keto #boymom. I’m going to have to get used to the idea of being a boy mom, and my sister is also having her first baby — a boy — this year, too. So that makes my mom a first time grandmother … of two boys, back-to-back. We also don’t have any brothers. So we ladies are new to this raising boys thing.


So here’s some interesting evidence-based differences in speech among boys and girls that I found. Let me know in the comments what you think if you have boys or girls in your family or both! Girls use language as a means to cooperate with others, they use inclusive terms like “lets” and “we could,” they interject supportive comments in speech, and use “hedges,” which occur at the end of female speech turn taking to let the listener know they are encouraged to respond. Girls also use intensifiers like ‘That dress is “SO” cute,’ and politeness speech formulas. Girls are cooperative in nature. Boys, on the other hand, use language to establish and maintain hierarchy and assert themselves when they have the floor, they are also more aggressive (ouch), see speech as requests for information (as a utility) in contrast to a means to connect with others, and phrases like “I agree with you.” Boys often don’t interject, while girls, as we know from personal experience, interject with comments or supportive utterances. Men wait until the speakers are finished and then take their turn to reply. Boys are competitive in nature. Comment below with your personal experiences!


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