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The Golden Hour of My Entire Pregnancy – Bend, Oregon Wedding Photographer + Mama

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This past week, I’ve been experiencing what I’d like to call the “Golden Hour” of my pregnancy. Some time between week 33 and 34, I’ve felt the best I’ve ever felt in the last 8 months. I was told that the second trimester would bring me relief from pain and the restoration of my energy, but the third trimester has actually felt the most amazing. Go figure. I feel energetic, I’m not in any debilitating amount of abdominal or sciatica pain, I’m happy and energized emotionally, I’m inspired and motivated, I’m not overtly nauseous, I’m not having any “bad belly days” that I’ve been experiencing for 7+ months (I’ll talk about this more soon), and I do not feel “huge,” despite what many weekly pregnancy updates suggest is normal for most women. I feel balanced and my belly feels so much a part of my body, I can almost (*emphasize almost) imagine staying pregnant like this for the rest of my life. Alas, I’m enjoying every minute of feeling this way while it lasts. Although it may seem like it because of the image I posted, I’m not going to push a product on you. There’s a short story here.


I received a package on our front door step a few days ago, and opened it to find a beautiful Twig + Petal Essentials prenatal kit for expectant mamas. The kit included some essential oil blends and bath salts. We are so incredibly busy with business and preparing for baby, that I don’t put a lot of time, money, or effort into intentional self-care. At the most, I’ve purchased some Young Living oils that would help with pregnancy stages – both mentally and physically. I certainly don’t spend much time with my feet kicked up on the couch watching Netflix. We don’t know how to sit still for very long and have a pretty energized way of life, so when I received this package, it reminded me to take time for self-care, slow down, and be more mindful. Growing a baby to full term requires a lot of energy, but I believe that it also requires a lot of stillness. Now I’ve been taking more time to intentionally mix some coconut oil with my Twig + Petal prenatal oils and rub them on my belly and hips at night or after a shower. I’ve been putting the headache roller on my neck every night, … just because it feels amazing. Those tiny little self-care additions to my day seriously relax me so much and make me feel so much more connected to my body, my baby, and this baby-growing process. Engaging in those self-care behaviors inspire and remind me to do things that also help take care of this mama – like finally signing up for prenatal yoga, or listening to my #hypnobirthing class. That being said, the package arrived without a shipper’s address or name, so I have no idea who sent it my way. If you did, please let me know so I can embrace you, or at least send you a big thank you.


Here’s the link to the specific kit I received: https://www.twig-petal.com/products/expecting-kit.

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