Hi! I’m Kristy, a senior portrait photographer based in the very heart of Oregon in Bend, OR, and there is nothing that inspires me more than helping you blow your friend’s away with your gorgeous senior portraits. I offer custom wardrobe, hair, and makeup styling as an add-on to all of my seniors just to make things that more magical.

Why you’ll think hiring me for your Oregon senior portraits is the best thing since sliced bread: 

  • You will look like a model. No, really. I can’t tell you how many times a week people ask me if I have models for clients. Nope. They’re just normal people who I make sure are put in the prettiest light and photographed as they damn well should be!
  • I see you and direct you in a way that feels natural. I’m a hands-on director so you’ll never feel awkward or uncomfortable after the first few minutes of shooting. I’ll tell you exactly what to do and you make it yours!
  • Senior portrait sessions in Central Oregon with me are so stinkin’ fun and involve a lot of giggling.
  • We’ll go to 2-3 locations including high up in the mountains, in the thick of the forest, and out in the middle of the cracked-road desert.
  • I give you 2+ hours of my time and you’ll have so many gorgeous images to choose from, that you don’t know what to do with them all!
  • I give you tips on hair, makeup, and wardrobe prior to your session.
  • I offer sessions that include your friends and you can split up the session however you’d like.
  • You get to change your close as many times as we can fit into 2+ hours and 2-3 locations.
  • Your beautiful images will make your family cry and make all your friends so jealous.


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