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Stillness and Balance – Family Portrait Photography in Bend, Oregon

Holly Yeck Family Portrait Session Bend, Oregon Photographer, This Wild Way Photography, Family Portraits, Central Oregon

This darling family was photographed on an exceptionally frosty freezing cold morning at Smith Rock. The frozen fog crystal formations reached out an inch from foliage surfaces. I arrived to this session days early because I had entered the date wrong in my calendar (oops). (Hey, there’s a first time for everything!) Two identical mornings. The first, I hiked around Smithy with just my camera and me. Not a single car was parked yet and I was alone. Stillness covered the earth like a big cozy blanket. I looked around and felt an indescribable sense of peace — inexplicable probably because I have a busy, restless Gemini mind, and I don’t leave much space for just being between working, reading, thinking, communicating, or dipping my hands into some kind of project. This peace that came over me that morning kept me warm from the inside, somehow, even though my fingers should have felt brittle and breakable.

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the stillness and quietness at home lately (#thirdtrimester). I know well the baby cries and other novel sounds that will soon fill the spaces between these walls. I keep telling James, “Enjoy the silence while we have it.” I know it won’t be entirely a negative change, but it’s something that is damn easy to take for granted and yet what we will yearn for during the longer, stressful, sleepless days of being parents of a newborn. So I’m grateful for the emptiness, and for the days that begin with humble rays of sunshine entering this space and the big wide open white space greeting me while I make my morning coffee.

And I’ve been thinking about the stillness of photographic imagery and how it makes even the most exuberant of moments quiet and even everlasting, like this one. I feel blessed to pause experiences for those who trust me.

How do you find stillness and quiet amidst the busy-ness and chaos of every day to-dos?

How do you parents take time outs for yourself to regain your energy and personal sense of balance?

Where do you go to find your sense of Self?

I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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