Teila & Dave – Tetherow Wedding Photographer Bend, Oregon

There is so much freedom when a wedding or portrait client hires you and 100% trusts you as an artist. The potential to create something magical, moving, and original is not limited by fear or hesitation on either side. It’s almost as though the usually needed (and introvert-required) inspiration is not a factor at all in the final product because every person is just being and the flow is carrying us all. Mmm. I’m usually needing to feel inspired, otherwise I feel insecure about my position as an artist. But if I lean into who I am, observing who my clients are, and allowing myself to be instead of worry about the presence of a Muse, then I create my most compelling images. This was a gorgeous wedding day at Tetherow, and I pray I get more opportunities to create in an environment facilitated by trust.

See you again, @tetherowweddings, you’re amazing!


Kristy is a Bend, Oregon Wedding Photographer who enjoys the benefits of ecotherapy and advocates holistic living.

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